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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +40 264 / 433124
+40 264 / 536940

1 Strada Horea,
400174 Cluj Napoca

Aerotravel Lufthansa City Center is the best choice when considering organizing a MICE project, as we can guarantee the following:


Proven expertise of MICE team of specialists

Aerotravel has developed a dynamic and dedicated MICE team, with a +18-year proven expertise. The MICE team is familiar with the newest concepts and trends, and develops them into successful solutions.

Global Coverage

As of 2000, Aerotravel is member of Lufthansa City Center network, and starting with 2014 is founding member of Global Travel, a network which is active in more than 84 countries. Consequently, Aerotravel can deliver any MICE service around the world, while ensuring outstanding quality standards, client-focus and flexibility.

Cost optimization

At Aerotravel, we are aware that budget is always important for each client. Consequently, we help organizations optimize MICE costs and keep to initial financial forecasts. Whatever may be the corporate client’s request, our consultants will design an effective solution adapted to specific requirements.

Quality services and providers

Our local and global service providers abide by high-quality proven standards. We choose the providers that can and do comply with Aerotravel’s business philosophy, so that we can make sure clients are always 100% satisfied with all services discharged: local and around-the-world hotels, domestic and international flights, rent-a-car, travel insurance, transfers, entertainment, tech equipment, etc.

Tailor-made solutions & flexibility

We acknowledge that each company has a specific business profile and travel needs. Therefore, at Aerotravel we are flexible in designing and implementing travel solutions, while abiding by the quality standards of Global Travel network. At the same time, we always offer support and alternatives. Even if an unplanned event occurs, Aerotravel makes sure that the client’s project goes on under the best conditions.

Prompt and efficient with client focus

Aerotravel Lufthansa City Center has strict procedures of handling clients’ requests, which translates into higher efficiency and transparency of all travel solutions. Moreover, Aerotravel has the capabilities of developing and implementing successful MICE projects even on tight deadlines.