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Polizu Manor - the former summer residence of a princely family

Maxut Village, Iasi County, Romania

The Ghica family were a Romanian noble family, active in Wallachia, Moldavia (providing several rulers of the Danubian Principalities) and in the Kingdom of Romania. The Ghicas also held the rank of Princes of the Holy Roman Empire, a title first bestowed upon Grigore II Ghica in 1673 by Leopold I.

Polizu Manor was built in 1878 by the Ghica princely family in a neoclassical architectural style. Until 1946 the manor represented the summer residence for the family and its following heirs.

You can choose a room that best suits your taste for elegance, color or space: 4 Junior Suites Deluxe (Birch Room, Mahogany Room, Rosewood Room and Oak Room), 2 Deluxe Rooms (Fir Room and Pine Room) and 1 Superior Room (Larch Room).

Culinary experiences are meant to enrich both the body and the soul! All meals will be prepared using homemade products.

The activities you can choose to have here are limitless. From walks in pure beautiful park, to mountain biking, to using the library filled with books of history and geography, to collecting fruits from the orchard, to bonfires and so much more.

Optional trips:

1. The Painted Monasteries

We will spend a full day visiting the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. These worshipping places are unique, rich in history and famous for their colorful frescoes depicting dramatic religious scenes. The superbly preserved monasteries of Bucovina are listed as Unesco's World heritage sites.

2. Cucuteni Culture

The tour to Cucuteni is tailored for your understanding of a unique and millenary tradition, a civilization that used hunting, agriculture and pottering as ways of life about 5000 years ago. Come and understand the fascination of historians from all over the world and see for yourself the traditions and lifestyles of the first European civilization.

3. Cotnari - following the route of wine back in time

The journey is all about spending and entire day of history and wine tasting at the famous Cotnari vineyards. The first mentions of Cotnari vineyard were made around 1250, but proofs are entitled to show that that vines were being grown here even before Christian times. Although the vineyards went to a series of unfavorable times, the tradition was kept alive, proving that the quality and experience of these grapes touched by the sun will be perpetuated. The large number of prizes and awards turned Cotnari wines in one of the most appreciated wines in Romania and worldwide.