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1 Strada Horea,
400174 Cluj Napoca

Maldar Manor - The fortified manor of the old boyars

Maldaresti, Valcea, Romania

Maldar Manor is an old Oltenian manor, which has preserved intact all the architectural details of the kulas (the fortified manors of the old boyars): thick walls, immaculately whitewashed walls, a tall tower, secret passageways, and, above all, an arcaded balcony running the entire length of the upper storey.

The restaurant will greet you with traditional Oltenian cooking, as well as refined dishes from the sumptuous boyar menus of olden days, with French cuisine a specialty. Whatever your choice, the staff will be able to recommend the perfect wine our collection, which includes vintages from all the region's vineyards.

The rooms at the manor are fairytale chambers named after ancient princesses. There are 13 double and 2 single rooms, each chamber comprising a refined whole, in which authentic historic furniture, old beams and traditional carpets combine harmoniously with the most modern of comforts.

Spend a cozy evening in the wine cellar. Along with a drop of music, you can savor vintage Romanian wines or you can enjoy a movie while having a miniature banquet of traditional Oltenian specialties.

On summer days, you can spend your time relaxing at the outdoor pool or enjoy a good book in the tranquility of the garden pavilion.
Winter or summer, take a long walk in the woods and the surrounding park (2.2 ha). Enjoy the cool rustle of the leaves, the fresh air and the tranquility of the forest.

Optional trips:

Transalpina - Romania's highest road

Transalpina is located in the Southern Carpathians and is considered to be one of the most spectacular and highest roads of Romania. It is said that the road was built under King Karol II and rebuilt during World War II by German troops and it is called The King's Road by the locals.

Romanian Monasteries

Horezu Monastery - founded in 1690 and a Unesco World Heritage Site; Polovragi Monastery - one of the most important religious and artistic monuments of its kind in Romania, built in 1505; Arnota Monastery - famous for its architectural style, sculptures and paintings was built by prince Neagoe Basarab between 1632-1654; Bistrita Monastery - built in 1402 and surrounded by 4 meter high stone walls, is home of a remarkable item, a miraculous icon of Saint Anne.

Spectacular caves

Muierii Cave (Woman's Cave) situated in a wild place, was a natural fortress and a place where more than one legend was borne; Polovragi Cave - the biggest and the most interesting cave in Oltenia; Liliecilor Cave (Bats Cave) - known and inhabited by ascetics during the Middle Ages.